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Corporate Culture

Linton Corporate Culture

| Core value

> Reliable     value-added     specification

Reliable: reliable products, reliable value-added: to promote the self character, create customer value standard: everything is standard, all heavy duty

>business goals

To become the world's leading photovoltaic and semiconductor equipment manufacturer

>the spirit of enterprise

The pursuit of excellence, refused to mediocrity, people-oriented, win-win cooperation

>business philosophy

The development of enterprises, enhance the trust of customers, employees, social identity

>Liancheng style

Rapid response, willing to communicate, to keep its promise, the pursuit of results

|Liancheng belief

>everyone is a manager

The courage to take responsibility, to assume greater responsibility; he is responsible for this post the highest and expert.

>cast quality value

Reliable quality, leading technology, service value; not accept unqualified products, not manufactured substandard goods, not the output of nonconforming products.

>The customer is always right

Not only the perfect product, not too picky customers;

customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

The sunshine state of mind, positive thinking, positive work, happy life.

Facing to the problem of internal external cause, do not speak, speak speak speak speak their own objective, subjective and does not speak the others.

To work with people, to raise system selection, prove to people, to cause performance incentive.

Managers should be good at discovering the short board, whenever and wherever possible the deficiencies of complement.

There is no perfect person, the only perfect team.

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